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Miele’s new refurbished showroom | Architects Corner

Miele's new refurbished showroom

The centre features the Live Kitchen, offering cooking appliance demonstrations that showcase the versatility, features and comprehensive range of functions Miele s cooking appliances offer. Each class concludes with a meal inspired by Miele ambassador Shannon Bennett of Melbourne s internationally renowned Vue de Monde restaurant. A new digital Kitchen Visualiser also allows customers to design and build their own virtual kitchen.

The new showroom is double its original size and displays the large range of Miele Australia appliances, including all colours of the recently launched Generation 6000 range of cooking appliances, refrigerators, dishwashers, floorcare products and laundry appliances. Michael Jeanes, managing director of Miele ANZ, says, The expansion of the Miele Center South Melbourne is a testament to Miele s commitment to Australia, the brand s most successful subsidiary outside of Germany. We believe that the refurbishments will be welcomed by our increasing number of customers including homemakers, architects and specifiers as well as our retail partners.

The Miele Center South Melbourne is located at 206-210 Coventry Street, South Melbourne in Victoria.

Tips for Maintaining Kitchen Appliances

In the long list of to-do s that many of us face day in and day out, it can be easy to let maintaining our home fall behind. Our kitchen appliances works hard every day for us and our families, storing food, cooking food and cleaning our dishes. Kitchen appliances get used often, but how often are we really taking care of them?

With some regular maintenance, we can keep our kitchen appliances running properly and extend the life of the appliances significantly.

The refrigerator is an essential appliance for any household. It does not matter if it is constantly packed to the brim or spends most of its time somewhat bare, it needs regular maintenance. The first and most simple way to maintain your refrigerator is to immediately clean up any spills that occur inside of the refrigerator with warm, soapy water.

Next, vacuum the bottom rear of your refrigerator where the condenser coils are to prevent debris accumulation from blocking air flow and diminishing energy efficiency.

When your microwave starts to look a little grungy and you see little pieces of food all over the inside, it is probably time to clean your microwave. Clean out the inside of your microwave with warm, soapy water and get rid of any food pieces. If things still seem stuck on, it still appears dirty or has a bad odor, you can microwave one cup of water for about three minutes and let it sit in the microwave for a few minutes longer.

This will help steam off anything that is particularly stuck on and should be able to be removed easily with a cloth.

Most everyone relies on a dishwasher to clean their dishes these days. Dishwashers get used regularly and go through a lot to keep our dishes looking nice. Just because the dishwasher is in charge of washing things, does not mean it is constantly clean.

First, check the seals to make sure you do not see any cracks. If they look ok, just wipe them down with some warm, soapy water. Next, check the drain for any debris or food particles and clean it out if any has built up.

Additionally, you can pour some white vinegar in your empty dishwasher and run it. It will help remove any buildup inside your dishwasher and help remove any odors.For your oven, range or stovetop, it is important to follow manufacturer instructions as there is a large range of products with different methods of cleaning. Some may be self cleaning and others may not be.

A basic rule of thumb to always follow is to clean up your oven, stovetop or range after each use and immediately remove any spills (as soon as it is safe to do so) to prevent hard-to-clean buildup.

For almost all of the kitchen appliances, cleaning with warm soapy water will go a long way and when extra help is needed, basic household items such as vinegar and baking soda will help remove any tough spills.

Great Expectations: A New Miele Dishwasher to the Rescue

If you follow me on Facebook, you might remember my desperate plea asking you about your dishwashers: which brand you own, how long you ve had it and if you d recommend it, along with any information on customer service. Everyone s responses were so incredibly helpful (much moreso than that popular independent rating company ) and I now want to follow up with all of you about what has transpired since then.

After reading all your advice, there was only one brand which stood out from the rest, and had several very strong recommendations and positive comments from readers: the German company, Miele. One reader s comment, Let us know what you decide and how you like it after you get it!

gave me an idea to contact Miele about what had unfolded on my page. So I asked them if they d like an opportunity to put their dishwasher to the proverbial test under the scrutiny of my readers, and they agreed. This alone spoke volumes to me, and I thought, They have so much confidence in their product, that they have no qualms in showcasing it under these circumstances.

Disclosure: Miele has agreed to provide me with a dishwasher so that I can write about it and inform my readers about my experience as a Miele owner.

I intend to review the dishwasher and honestly report my findings on my blog; and as always, my opinions are solely my own.*


To give you some background information, about ten years ago we completely renovated our small galley kitchen which included knocking down an exterior wall and buying all new appliances. My husband built all the cabinets by hand and we paid close attention to every detail because this was going to be my dream kitchen. I even designed some of those details myself (see photo below).

However, neither one of us was an expert in kitchen appliances, so we did what many other homeowners do in this situation, and bought a membership to a popular independent rating company, thinking that their information would be the most unbiased and helpful.

Unfortunately, out of the four appliances we purchased, I have only been satisfied with one of them. I cannot tell you how disappointing this has been, especially since I practically live in my kitchen and to say my appliances are well-used is an understatement.

One of those appliances was a Bosch dishwasher. Bosch came highly recommended by the rating company, and relying on their expertise, I thought it was the brand to buy.

One of the things that appealed to me most was that it was supposed to be quiet, but I could never run the dishwasher when company was over, as it could easily be heard in the next room. Most importantly, I was so incredibly disappointed in its inability to wash dishes properly; more often than not, dishes would have to be rewashed by hand, wasting a large amount of water. When my mother would come to visit, I would absolutely dread her complaints about my dishwasher, but I really couldn t blame her.

Early on in our ownership, customer service was no assistance, but about two years ago a Bosch repair man recommended that I change my detergent, which I did.

It helped for a very short time, then the problems with dirty dishes started again. Emails to the company netted a list of things to do, but nothing helped, and just a few weeks ago it appeared that the heater had stopped working (there was no hot water or steam when I opened the dishwasher mid-cycle). The soap dispenser also needed to be replaced as the lid would not stay shut, so for the last few times I used it, I d been judging when to throw the dishwasher tablet in, and last but not least, the on/off button was getting stuck in the on position.

According to the repair man, it was very likely going to cost a minimum of $400 to fix, and knowing that we were approaching our dishwasher s average life expectancy of around 11 years, we decided against it (which seemed ironic anyway because how do you repair something that never worked correctly in the first place?)

It was time for a new dishwasher, which was when I wrote to you, my readers, for advice because from my current research I was once again reading that Bosch was the way to go. However, many of you had similar experiences with this company, and it was definitely a brand to avoid according to a lot of your comments.


So when I tell you that I m excited about the fact that a new Miele dishwasher will soon be arriving, after years of dishwasher disappointment and weeks of hand washing all of our dishes, you truly cannot imagine my joy and the great expectations that I have! This is especially so, after researching the Miele company and its dishwashers online, and being able to see some of their products in action at the Dwell on Design show, here in Los Angeles last week.

Miele s history is one of quality.

You know I always promote quality ingredients and products, and Miele is right in line with that ethos. When I saw the Miele appliances last week, I was truly in awe. You probably never knew that one could be in awe of appliances, but I was.

Then came my next thought: I was thinking that I wanted their fridge, their cooktop, and their steam oven, which has MasterChef settings for different types of bread that are programmed just like an iPhone! OMG, I was truly in appliance heaven!


But I digress back to the dishwasher: of course my top two requirements, given my past experience, are that my new dishwasher will wash dishes properly and be quiet. However, I also am extremely concerned about water usage, given that I live in LA and we are in the midst of the worst drought that our state has ever seen.

Time magazine s headline from an article just six weeks ago reads,

Entire State of California Facing Worst Drought Since Tracking Began.

Not only are we advised to cut back a minimum of 20% on water usage, as per the governor of California, there are also mandatory limits on when we can use our sprinklers, wash our cars and varying rules depending on one s location in the state. Our hills and mountains are completely dry and brown due to the lack of rain over our winter (rainy) season, and we expect no rain until November. The effects of our drought really hit close to home when a brush fire broke out in the hills near my house last Sunday.

The local news station even used my footage of the fire.

Even if you live elsewhere, you can understand how important and serious water conservation is in California at the moment. I might add that the Department of Water and Power recently sent us a letter informing us of a proposed rate increase for water, so you could say that choosing a water-wise dishwasher is extremely important to us. Miele eliminates the need to pre-rinse your dishes, saving an estimated 3500 gallons of water a year!


What am I most looking forward to besides a quieter kitchen, clean dishes and a lower water bill?

I m really looking forward to having a high quality dishwasher, with a third rack for cutlery which will give me more space for my never-ending parade of dirty dishes and pans, and a long (Miele appliances are built and tested to last 20 years), problem free future with what I hope will be my new favorite appliance.

So stay tuned!

Oh, and if you are curious, when you visit Miele s website1 and notice the German words, immer besser, below their logo, it translates to, forever better.

If you have any specific questions or anything you d like me to discuss in my future posts on the Miele dishwasher I will be receiving, please post them below, and I will be happy to answer them if I can.

In the meantime, you can visit MieleUSA2, Miele UK3, or Miele Australia4 for more information about their dishwashers or wide array of other top quality appliances and other products.

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And in keeping with the German theme, here s a sneak peek of a recipe that I will be posting soon which was inspired by my trip to the German markets in Cologne last December:

Mushrooms with Garlic Sauce

*Miele has agreed to provide me with a dishwasher in exchange for my review and posts on my blog. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone, and as always, I only recommend quality products and services that I truly believe in and would purchase and use myself.

There have been no conditions stating that the reviews must be positive; I am disclosing this in compliance with the FTC s regulations.

If you would like to see my clip of the brush fire, click here5; it begins at the 1:00 minute mark.


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