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Heater. InfraRed Radiant Electric heating Panel 500W. Eco Energy efficient!

Heater. InfraRed Radiant Electric heating Panel 500W. Eco Energy efficient!

Heater. InfraRed Radiant Electric heating Panel 500W. Eco Energy efficient!

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  • Heats rooms 12m² -15m.
  • Size 830×630 x20 mm. 500W 220V
  • Up to 40% Cheaper to run than traditional Central Heating
  • 10 to 25 Year Life Span
  • Instant Heat: Panels provide optimum heating temperature after 30 seconds.

The 500W Infra-Red Heating Panel

A new technology, the easiest, most healthy and cheapest way to heat your home. Mounted on the wall it appears as a picture, simply screw on and plug in.Infra-Red Heating Panels are a revolutionary new, cost-effective heating idea. Fixed on the wall (see picture below) the panel delivers gentle warmth to your living space. This ceramic panel is an eco-friendly way to heat your office or any space you choose! It’s easy to fit using simple wall plugs (Included)

Just as the Sun gently warms the Earth, Infra- Red heat can bring the warmth and comfort of sunshine, indoors, to your home.It works on the principle of “Induction” as opposed to “Convection”. The Infra-Red heating panel does not heat the surrounding air, but rather the waves heat the people and objects in the room.

This heater is ideal to reduce the suffering of those with various allergies and ailments, and they do not cause the drying of the airways or sinuses thus, increasing comfort and well being. However, they do promote the removal of excess moisture in walls, reducing condensation and preventing mould growth. Also, as the air is not disturbed during the heating process, any existing dust and mould are not dispersed to be inhailed.

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Heater. InfraRed Radiant Electric heating Panel 500W. Eco Energy efficient!

How About A Green Kitchen?


Have you ever wondered that an office building requires a green kitchen?

Even if yours is a green office that takes care of environment in a meticulous way but the kitchen is left out then the effectiveness of the efforts of going green lowers down.

Kitchen is a place from which a huge percentage of air pollutants and waste get released.

You may ask the following questions to the concerned departments about the kitchen @your office.

- Are the appliances that are used in the kitchen BEE 5 Star rated?

These days, most of the serviced offices in India1 are using energy-efficient appliances as they now understand the benefits of using such products.

- Are these appliances checked at regular interval of time?

There is a huge difference between procuring appliances and maintaining them. If they are not maintained properly then their performance level will degrade. Various business centres in India 2take this seriously but many don t.

An inefficient appliance would consume more energy and release more pollutants further heating up the room and increasing the use of air-conditioners and ultimately leading to high energy bills.

- Are the raw materials tested as per their specific requirements before they are used? And whether the food is prepared properly or not.

There is a business centre that offers meeting rooms in India 3in mountain fresh ambience, provides nearly organic and healthy food. They use ground spices and materials that are devoid of preservatives, MSGs and transfats. Water is another important criterion.

You must check the quality of water supplied to the kitchen and whether RO water is used for washing vegetables and fruits and preparing food.

- Which tiles are used inside the kitchen?

These days, you get low VOCs and bacteria free tiles that enhance the green and health quotient. Such tiles are said to reflect heat allowing the temperature inside the rooms to be cooler. In fact one must also check the kind of paints used in the kitchen.

Paint and polishing chemicals are likely to emit a good amount of VOCs.

- Which chemicals are used for the cleaning the kitchen and storage area?

Green seal certified housekeeping chemicals should be used for cleaning as they are not harmful to the environment. Non-toxic, bio-degradable and plant-based detergents are easily available in the market.

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XBOX One Vs.

PlayStation 4: Which One To Go With?

Argyll Free …

Overview Many years have passed since the release of their predecessors, so consequently both companies have had enough time to research what needs to be omitted and what needs to be added. Because of this reason both consoles are head to head with each other. Being a runner up is not an option here.

You can buy either of the consoles and you would most likely be happy in the end, but there are some features for one system that may prove more advantageous for you, than the other system. Both the consoles are fully capable of running HD games and playing multimedia files, but in the end one console is better suited to function as a multimedia device while the other console is better suited as a purely gaming console. Gamers have been eager for both consoles to be released, but choosing the right console for you can be difficult, especially because of the differences and the similarities these two consoles offer.

Choosing the console that had the highest sales could be a wrong buying strategy, since it does not necessarily mean that it is the better of the two for the specific purpose you want it for. We have created a detailed rundown on these two consoles. We will compare these consoles head to head based on various aspects of the consoles.

The breakdown is to help you decide which console is best for you, and whether you should buy it right now or wait for later releases. The rundown is based on the current market knowledge of both consoles. The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 both are absolutely great and bring something different to the table.

A suggestion for the reader of this post is to have a notepad and pencil out. As you go through this post with a comparison of all the features and functions of both consoles, as you read a new section, write down in your notes which console has the advantage in your eyes, of that specific feature, and what that feature is. When you complete the post, go over your notes and see if one console comes out more dominant in your notes than the other.

If they are about 50/50, take a look at the features, and prioritize which features are the most important to you, down to what is less important. This should help your decision making process immensely. Design On the front, PlayStation 4 has two USB ports while on the back of the console are several ports which include: A HDMI out port Digital out (optical) port A LAN port An AUX port The Power supply port The Xbox One on the other hand, is shaped like a rectangular box.

It is not as showy, but blends in well with the existing electronics in the room. It gives a retro look, which many have compared to that of a VCR. Its dimensions are 34.3 x 26.3 x 8 cm.

It looks menacing and is larger than the PS 4. The design is very retro, yet somehow futuristic as well. It weighs in at 7 pounds and just like the PS 4, it also incorporates both glossy and matte materials, just like the PlayStation 4 to give it the next-gen look.

One element to keep in mind is that the Xbox One console should not be set up vertically. It has been created to sit only horizontally on a surface. The Xbox One is larger in size due to it having larger vents and a bigger fan than its predecessor.

This was done to eliminate the red ring of death fault the previous Xbox models possessed. As compared to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One has many more ports on the back. These ports include: Power input port HDMI output and HDMI input ports 2 USB 3.0 ports Digital out (optical) port Kinect 2 sensor port Ethernet port Both the consoles have done well l to cancel the noise that usually comes from electronic gadgets that have cooling fans.

Neither of the consoles is loud per se, but there is a slight difference in both. In comparison the Xbox One is more silent than the PlayStation 4. Then there is the heating issue.

The PlayStation 4 gets less heated than the Xbox One after continued operation. However, the Xbox One has better ventilation and a bigger cooling fan. The heat activity does not affect the console s operations.

Hardware The hardware for both consoles are very similar. Both run on AMD GPU s and both possess Blu-ray optical drives. Both allow users to change their internal hard drives, though it is a lot easier to do so in the PlayStation 4 which requires no extra tools to open.

Both can support 4K resolution. The only thing that gives PlayStation 4 an edge over the Xbox One is their use of a different RAM than the Xbox One. Both use 8GB of RAM but the RAM used is different.

The PlayStation 4 uses GDDR5 RAM, whereas Xbox One uses GDDR3 RAM. The Xbox One tries to make up for it by having a smaller choice of super-fast ESRAM than the PlayStation 4. Out of the 8GB RAM, Xbox uses 3GB for itself leaving developers with 5GB of RAM, whereas PlayStation 4 uses 3.5GB of RAM leaving users with 4.5GB of actual RAM.

Both the standard versions give 500GB of internal memory to be used by the user. Both play Blu-ray discs, and allow users to insert USB s, and both have 8 core CPU s embedded in them. The only difference in the core, is that the PS 4 uses cores provided by AMD, while Xbox One uses cores provided by AMD but modified by Microsoft themselves.

The GPU inside PlayStation 4 is capable of producing speeds of up to 1.84 Teraflops, while the GPU inside the Xbox One is capable of producing speeds of up to 1.31 Teraflops, which in the end makes a huge difference. PlayStation 4 has more graphical power than the Xbox One. Controller Having a good controller for a gamer is very important and is one of the most important features of a console.

A good controller allows for better control and quicker response time. Let s face it; if your controller is sub-par in quality, this will be a source of frustration and you will lose a lot of games. Microsoft s Xbox One controller is almost a duplicate of its earlier version, whereas the designers at Sony have gone for a completely new look for the PlayStation 4 controllers.

Both systems have amazing controllers as compared to their predecessors, and Sony has done quite well to keep up with Microsoft s controller; especially since their Xbox controller was said to be an achievement in the gaming world. When it comes to the battery portion, the PlayStation 4 has chargeable internal batteries just like the PlayStation 3 did, while the Xbox One controller has a battery pack just like the controller for Xbox 360 did, but this time around the battery pack is not external. Though this is a huge change in design, it also poses more problems for a user to change the batteries.

A fully charged PlayStation 4 controller has a shorter battery life as compared to fully charged Xbox One controller running on good rechargeable batteries. The PlayStation 4 controller allows you to place your fingers a lot closer to the buttons and gives you a better grip due to its ergonomic design. It is weightier than the Dual Shock 3 controller and definitely sturdier.

It weighs 7.4 ounces and is available in two different colors. The buttons are larger and more pronounced than that of the PS 3 controller. The design on the underside of the handles lets you rest your fingers more conveniently and the indented analog sticks give your thumbs a place to rest, unlike the controller for the PlayStation 3.

The Dual Shock 4 controller is a great improvement when compared to the Dual Shock 3 controller. Sony has added great features to the controller apart from redesigning it. Some features are: 1.

A clickable touchpad that can be used as a cursor for online browsing just like a laptop s touchpad.

2, A mono speaker that relays audio from games directly to your controller.

3. A head-jack to allow gamers to attach headphones or earphones.

4. A share button that allows you to record and share videos and screenshots directly to the internet.

The only flaw that users are facing when using the PlayStation 4 controller is the huge color changing light-bar, which creates a distraction because of the light reflecting directly on to the TV. The light cannot be dimmed and further decreases the already short battery life of the PlayStation 4 controller. The only way to solve this problem is to cover the light-bar with something to completely stop the light from showing.

PlayStation 4 only allows 4 controllers to be connected at once, whereas the Xbox One allows you to connect up to 8 controllers at once. The Xbox One controller on the other hand is quite similar to the Xbox 360 controller and so feels familiar. Instead of completely changing the look, Microsoft decided to perform a few tweaks on the controller.

Only slight changes have taken place and the controller has almost no flaws whatsoever. It weighs in at 9.9 ounces with batteries and is only available in black. It just feels great in hand.

The grooves between the front and rear buttons allow users to place their index finger comfortably in position. The analog sticks have been revamped along with the direction pad. These changes now allow the users to apply less force than before when inputting commands.

One great feature that Microsoft has added to the Xbox One controller is the addition of rumble motors. These motors allow more vibrations and a better haptic feedback, which is linked directly to some in-game actions. Microsoft has also added 2 new buttons to the controller.

These buttons are: View Button: Allows user to change view or view more information regarding a game or an application. Menu button: Allows users to bring up context-specific menus regarding games or applications. The controllers that were given with a console on the first day of the release have DAY ONE 2013 written on the center of the controller, right above and between the D-pad and the analog stick.

Camera & Motion Control Both consoles have a motion sensor accessory. Microsoft s Kinect 2 comes bundled in with the Xbox One, while Sony s PlayStation Camera is sold separately. The camera allows users to log in via facial recognition and also to control the console via gestures.

Sony s PlayStation Camera formerly known as PlayStation Eye is not as good as the Kinect 2. Its voice command and facial recognition software is not as efficient as the Xbox One s. It is sleeker in design as compared to the Kinect 2, but is not critical to the PlayStation gaming experience, and so can be regarded as just an optional accessory.

There are almost no famous games that have incorporated the PlayStation camera feature into their games. The PlayStation camera has 2 highly sensitive cameras that can record at 720p along with 4 microphones for better sound recording and recognition. Motion control on the PlayStation 4 console can be done via PlayStation s Move controller.

The Move controller lets a user interact with a game physically by using certain gestures. Move controllers are the same that was used in PlayStation 3 and have had no changes brought in to them. The Xbox One Kinect 2 on the other hand, is a lot better than the PlayStation camera.

It is an important part of the Xbox One gaming experience. Though it is not perfect, it still is better than the PlayStation camera at recognizing voice commands and faces. The camera in Kinect 2 is capable of recording at 1080p and also has the infra-red feature that allows for gaming even at night.

Compared to its previous version, the Kinect 2 has a better field of view, and can recognize up to 6 people simultaneously. It can even take your pulse rate. It can be used to control the console via hand gestures, which after a while tends to become boring, since controllers are a faster way of controlling the console.

It works well in both small and large environments and can also be used for voice chat on Skype, which is only available in the Xbox One console. Second Screen Feature A second screen is something that can be used for your console rather than the TV itself. This allows you to play games or view other media on your second screen, while someone else enjoys other programs on the TV.

This comes in handy, especially when you only have 1 TV and a large family that loves watching TV. The PlayStation 4 has a feature called Vita Remote Play. This feature is only handy if you actually own a PS Vita.

This allows you to play your games directly on the PS Vita via Wi-Fi. The change in controls may cause some difficulty in playing, but it is a cool feature. One drawback of remote playing is that it only works when both the console and the PlayStation Vita are connected to the same network.

Another drawback is that it works smoothly only if you have a super-fast internet connection, otherwise you face the problem of lag time. Sony also offers an app called the PlayStation app that enables the second screen function in some supported games such as The Playroom which comes pre-installed with the console. This app allows users to use their device as a keyboard to input data easily into the PlayStation 4.

With this app you can get notifications and invitations from friends and will also allow you to chat with them. One special feature of the app is that it lets an eager user buy a game from the PlayStation Store, then push the download to install button on the PlayStation 4, so that the downloaded game would be ready to play immediately. On the other hand, Microsoft s Xbox One has an app called SmartGlass which is available on a variety of devices.

This app allows users to control the dashboard directly from the device, as well as other apps, such as Xbox Music. The app also works with some titles such as Dead Rising 3 to give users a unique gaming experience. The app also lets the device that it s run from, be used as remote control for movies, music and other entertainment.

Power Supply When it comes to the power supply, there is a great difference in the consoles. The PlayStation 4 has an incorporated power supply, whereas the Xbox One needs to be operated on an external power brick. Microsoft not incorporating an internal power supply is a surprising element, since they are aware that the power brick is something users do not like carrying around.

With the large difference in size, it seems evident that Microsoft was planning on having an internal power supply, but that was not the case. PlayStation therefore is far easier to transport than the Xbox One, since the power brick requires extra space to fit in. When compared against each other for power consumption, Microsoft s Xbox One was the clear winner.

It uses 110 watts when being run at its maximum gaming performance, whereas Sony s PlayStation 4 consumed 140 watts, creating a difference of 30 watts. When performing simpler tasks like accessing Netflix or just browsing the internet, Xbox One consumed 74 watts, whereas the PlayStation 4 consumed 90 watts for performing similar operations. The only time when PlayStation 4 consumed fewer watts than Xbox One, was when they both in standby mode.

In standby mode the PS 4 console consumed 9 watts as compared to the 18 watts that the Xbox One console consumed. Hardware Failures Both consoles experience some sort of hardware failures at times, despite being in the research and development stage for so many years. The good thing about the failures this time around, is that it has only affected a very small number of consoles, unlike the hardware failures of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The hardware failures of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 affected a larger number of consoles, which then had to be returned back to the seller in order to get fixed. A definite hassle no one likes to experience. The hardware failure in Xbox One is popularly known as disc drive of doom .

This hardware failure prevents the Blu-ray from being read by the console, thus is makes grinding sounds in the attempt. There is no do it yourself fix for this flaw, and requires you to get in contact with customer service. You may be able to use all other features of the console except for the optical drive.

The hardware failure in the PS 4 is popularly known as blue light of death . This hardware failure prevents the console from operating at all. The color changing LED strip turns blue and starts pulsating.

Just like the Xbox One, this flaw has also only affected 1% of total customers. Sony released a fix for the problem, but that does not ensure a perfect fix. Game Titles What is the use of a console without having an exclusive or an outstanding game title?

Nothing but a piece of electronic that lets you play mp3 s and mp4 s. Gamers look for something new in a console, as well as a game. A good game is one that utilizes nearly all the features a console provides.

Both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have a good share of multi-platform games between them. Since a console is long term investment, users want to see good games being released for the console they have chosen. Games for both consoles can either by be downloaded via their respective networks, or bought from gaming stores in the form of Blu-ray discs, which both consoles play very easily.

What about gamers who are following a particular series, and that particular series has no plans of upgrading to the next console? Should they wait till a release is announced, or buy the console right away in hopes of seeing their favorite game s next part being released on these next-gen consoles? One such title includes the famous Tekken series that is published by Namco.

Many games have been released on both platforms but only some have proven to be successful. Since its still early in the console wars, we will surely see many great games being released for both models. Popular games currently available on both the consoles areCall Of Duty: Ghosts Battlefield 4 Assassin s Creed IV: Black Flag FIFA 2014 The Lego Movie Videogame NBA 2k14 Need For Speed: Rivals Rayman Legends Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Thief Exclusive Game Titles Exclusive games are a big issue in the console wars.

Exclusive games are games that can only be played on either one of the console. Exclusive games are an important factor when choosing a console. According to a survey held at the Eurogamer Expo of 2013, game exclusivity was the number one reason people gravitated to specific console, over the competition s version.

Second most important reason was the price, and least important factor was the device s functionality as a multi-media device. A casual gamer may have little difficulty choosing a console, but the hard core gamer that has been following an exclusive game series, will only buy the console on which that particular game s next version will be released. Exclusivity allows both Microsoft and Sony to bring something new to the table and keeps the gaming scene fresh and ready to be explored.

Popular games exclusive to the Xbox One and already released include: Dead Rising 3 Forza Motorsport 5 Killer Instinct Ryse: Son Of Rome Titanfall Exclusive games yet to be released include: Untitled Gears Of War game Untitled Halo game Quantum Break Popular games exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and already released include: Dead Nation Flower Killzone: Shadow Fall Resogun E xclusive games yet to be released include: Deep Down Drive Club Final Fantasy XV InFamous: Second Son Shadow Of The Beast The Order: 1886 The Witness Uncharted 4 As evident from the list, PlayStation has more exclusive titles coming up as compared to the Xbox One. Exclusive titles as mentioned earlier, are a key factor for the purchase of a particular console over another. Xbox has done well in its exclusive category, but not as much as PlayStation 4 has.

Indie Games These are games that are created by individuals or small teams, and generally lack the financial support given big name games. These games are generally distributed digitally and achieved fame in the latter half of 2000. Indie games are important to both consoles since such games are generally free for the user to download, and in many cases Indie games have proved to be rather successful.

Both Sony and Microsoft allow developers to publish games themselves, although in the earlier stages of the console wars, Microsoft had said they would not allow indie games without a proper publisher. The only difference is that the Xbox One acts as developer kit in itself, whereas developers have to buy expensive developer kits for them to develop something for PlayStation. This may be the only difference but in the end it is a large one.

Developers will surely find it easier to work on the Xbox One, rather than the PlayStation 4, which requires expensive kits to perform developer functions Cloud Gaming Both consoles give users an opportunity to benefit from their cloud gaming services. Both have cloud services, but the differences in service are large. Microsoft s cloud technology is called Azure and Microsoft has poured billions of dollars into making their cloud service one of the best.

They have placed data centers throughout the world for users to have the ultimate, uninterrupted gaming experience. Having a great cloud service is important since Xbox Live will mostly be running from the Azure cloud platform. Microsoft has promised to provide dedicated servers to users, and this will greatly benefit the customer in the long run.

PlayStation 4 on the other hand, will offer cloud services though Gaikai which they acquired some time ago. Gaikai is nowhere near Azure in terms of development yet, and the number of servers, but still packs a punch. Software, Operating System & User Interface A good operating system and an intuitive user interface are necessary for a good, all round gaming experience.

The software of a console allows a person to install apps and games, and also lets them to switch between those apps and games easily. Good software allows users the ability to view and sort various types of popular media formats so they can use their files everywhere. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have highly interactive, functional operating systems, and user interface; but there is a noticeable difference in both consoles.

Both systems do not allow backward compatibility which is a flaw. The Xbox One s operating system is Windows 8 inspired which is evident from the tiles available on the dashboard also known as the home screen. It not only looks pleasing, but is well organized which lets a user manage everything on the screen with ease.

On the home screen a user is allowed to choose from various tabs such as Pins, Home, Games, Music, and Apps etc. Microsoft allows users to pin their favorite apps according to their own liking. These pins automatically change according to which user has logged in.

Another great option added to the operating system is the Snap feature which allows someone to run two apps side by side. Using the Snap feature you can browse the web or Skype, while playing a game. You can also select any app or game using voice commands or hand gestures using the Kinect 2.

Added to a list of apps is the Friends App that allows a person to follow a friend s achievements, recorded clips, or images; just like Twitter you can also follow celebrities who are using the Friends app. Not only can you play games and run apps, but you can also connect your cable or satellite box directly to you Xbox One and watch your favorite channel through the console itself. PlayStation 4 has also got an upgrade to their operating system which is quite different from PlayStation 3 s operating system.

PlayStation 3 had an XMB bar and now replacing it is the Dynamic Menu, which is more visually appealing and keeps things simple. This menu allows users to quickly switch between apps and games and to navigate between them with ease. The home screen has 5 different tabs initially, but they increase in number as different apps and games are installed.

The Xbox One and PlayStation4 hit the marketplace November 2013, and both have seen good sales. They both generated many alterations, new features, more strength, and many other attributes over their earlier versions. Sony displayed emphasis on more power, remote gaming via the PS Vita , and the complete Hi-Def gaming participation.

Microsoft it seems, the goal is not exclusively gaming, but a comprehensive entertainment structure able to interact with TV boxes. It also provides many entertainment services, if you have Xbox Live Gold. Both systems where very popular and received good reviews for their improvements, but as almost everything is, not perfection.

There were problems and challenges that impacted both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Issues ranging from hardware fails, to software difficulties, faults, and more. Software application (firmware) patches or updates are fairly routine.

Both Microsoft and Sony released new fixes for the consoles. Sony held to its common firmware schedule update for PS4, similar as with the updates for the PS Vita and PS3. They released minor update on a regular basis, with not many details as to what the updates were actually doing.

A more major update called 1.60, brought more enhancements to the system. Microsoft dropped the slow update processes seen on previously on Xbox 360 for a more rapid way, in response to comments from buyers. They also released some fixes to streamline friends system, party chat, and minor operating system details.

Sony plans to remove HDCP encryption from the HDMI connection (as they stated they would last year), and improve Twitch broadcasting. This would let users save videos or screenshots on a USB, instead of only social network systems. Microsoft, plans address enhancements to the friends structure.

Kinect sensor, or the Game DVR system has improvements coming on the horizon. Firmware updates not be important to some folks, but it can be a good indicator if a corporation is responsive to the needs of their customers, or not. Time will tell.

Performance & Graphics In relation to specifications, it s a toss up between PS4 and Xbox One. Both consoles possess a 500GB hard drive, an x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU, and AMD Radeon GPU. Xbox One s CPU measures a speed of 1.7-GHz, and PS4 s comes in at 1.6-GHz CPU.

Both consoles contain 8GB of RAM memory. PlayStation 4 is packed with advanced GDDR5 RAM, which is suited for giving great graphics performance, and XBox One has DDR5. PlayStation 4 s hard drive is removable while XBox One s is not, so those who do modifications can fit all their games on the system in a simpler way.

Maneuvering through XBox One system s interface is quicker than navigating the PS4. The system came in at 2381.7ms on the Javascript Sunspider test, while beating PlayStation 4 s time of 4538.3ms. What this is measuring is browser execution.

Both of the consoles are given better load & install times than earlier versions. Having to wait 15 minutes or so, for an update or an install is now a thing of the past, thankfully. This is due mostly to the ability of each system to do installs and downloads in the background.

Even though many advances has been made to this next-gen era of gaming, truly stunning graphics are still fairly rarely found. Killzone: Shadow Fall on PlayStation 4 and Forza Motorsport 5 on Xbox One, yield impressive graphics, but many others seem like someone just increased the resolution of the previous-gen s version. Online Play & Social Media Gaming is one thing, but having to play online is something that many users now look forward to.

Playing online with friends or other people has become one of the important elements of having a complete gaming experience. Users demand a smooth and flawless system that can allow online gaming without the lease bit of lag. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have great online services, and are still developing this area in order to give users an even greater experience.

Playing a game or using an app like Netflix both require internet connection, and for that the online service provided must be outstanding. The Xbox One s online service is called Xbox Live and PlayStation 4 uses PlayStation Plus . In the past Xbox has been known to have the better provider of online services for users, compared to the PlayStation Network.

An Xbox Live Gold subscription costs $60 per year and includes access to apps like Netflix and Hulu. The subscription also allows people to play games online with friends and family. With Xbox Live Gold you can get up to 2 free games per month.

The roster for free games changes constantly, but not as often as it does on the PlayStation Network. The games you download remain with you even if you unsubscribe from the network. Microsoft earlier made promises to enhance the user s experience of multiplayer gaming by adding more dedicated servers.

Along with offering a variety of online features such as party chat, Microsoft also offers discounts to members having the Xbox Live Gold subscription. Xbox One comes with some great apps like Friends and Skype that allows users to connect with their friends. Also coming in the future will be the Twitch app that will allow users to share video footage of their gameplay directly online.

For the time being Xbox One users can share video but only to their Xbox Live friends. The Xbox One allows a video buffer of the last 5 minutes so that you can share the last 5 minutes of your gameplay, or of yourself while playing on Kinect 2 if you wanted to do so. The video is recorded at 720p.

When about to be shared, Xbox One gives the users a chance to trim the video according to their liking. The PlayStation Network offers PlayStation Plus service which like Xbox Live Gold gives users a variety of online features in addition to offering discounts and free games. The free games listed are changed more frequently than the ones on the Xbox Network.

The only drawback is that these games do not remain with you once you unsubscribe from the network. The cost of the subscription is $50, which is $10 less than the subscription for the Xbox Live Gold. One great feature of the PlayStation Network comes from Sony s acquisition of Gaikai.

This cloud gaming company was acquired by Sony even before they launched the console. This lets users stream demos and games directly from internet onto their console, without installing the game first. Users that get PlayStation Plus subscription also get to download a popular game called Resogun for free onto their consoles.

PlayStation 4 is integrated with Facebook that allows you to see a friends ID along with their gaming ID. Like the Xbox One, the PS 4 console also records at 720p. The video buffer on the PlayStation 4 console allows it to record the last 15 minutes of gameplay.

By using the share button, you can simply share it with your friends on Facebook as a video, or on Twitter in the form of a screenshot. Just like the Xbox One, it also allows users to trim and edit the video before actually uploading it. One great feature of the PS 4 is that it permits simultaneous streaming of your current gameplay directly on to Twitch.

In the standard version of the Xbox One console you get a 14-day free trial of the Xbox Live Gold membership and with PlayStation you get a 30-day subscription to PlayStation Plus. Applications Not long ago it was easier to compare consoles, since all they did was run games. No internet, no apps, no multimedia playback, made it fairly simple for users to compare consoles against each other.

Nowadays, users expect their console to do much more than just play games. They want multimedia playback. They want to access the internet.

They want to install and use apps that can give them a great experience. Both consoles are able to install some apps created especially for the operating system the consoles are operating on. One such app that has created a lot of hype is the Netflix app.

The Netflix app will be available on both the consoles. This app allows users to watch their favorite movies or TV shows on their TV sets, via their consoles. The only difference that arises is that on the Xbox One console you need to have an Xbox Live membership in order to run the app, whereas you need no membership on the PlayStation 4 to run Netflix.

Apps for PlayStation 4 can be downloaded via the PlayStation Store. All you need to do is select the app, press X on the download button and you are done. The system lets you know when the app is installed and ready to play.

Apps for the Xbox One can be downloaded in similar fashion to that of PlayStation 4. Select the app you want to install by simply pressing the select button. The app will ask you whether you want to install the app, hit yes and you are done!

Apps on the Xbox One are much better than the ones on the PlayStation 4. One big difference in the long list of available apps is that of Skype. Skype is only available on the Xbox One and the ability to use Skype while playing a game, using the Snap feature, is like the icing on top.

More apps that are exclusive to the Xbox One include: HBO Go YouTube NFL ESPN Machinima FX Now These apps fulfill all your entertainment needs and have no great alternate currently. Backward Compatibility Neither consoles allow backward compatibility. Backward compatibility is a great feature as it allows users to play their favorite games on the previous consoles, on the new consoles that have been upgraded to.

There are always some games that a gamer never gets tired of and wants to play again and again. Sony during the initial unveiling revealed that PlayStation will have backward compatibility but soon changed its course when they saw that the Xbox One did not have this feature. Game Cases The cases for games have been similar for both the predecessors of the consoles apart from the difference in color, but this time around Microsoft has gone the other way.

Instead of placing the game disc on the right, they have now put it on the left side. Cases for Xbox One games are thinner and green in color, whereas those of the PlayStation 4 are thicker and blue in color. Cases for both the console games are made from a transparent plastic material and both contain booklets for the game along with the Blu-ray disc.

Bundles Bundles are special packs that contain some extra features compared to the standard version of the console. The bundles may or may not help you save money. Bundles may include a game or online pass.

Some special bundles have customized consoles with decals that match the game that is being sold with the bundle. Both consoles were available in bundles at leading gaming stores. Two bundles that stood out include: 1.

The Xbox One Ultimate Bundle: this bundle includes an Xbox One console, 2 wireless controllers, an Xbox Live 12-Month Gold membership, Microsoft Complete for Xbox One, your choice of 3 Xbox One games and a digital download of the Forza Motosport 5 game. The bundle is still available and costs $799.99.

2. PlayStation 4 Ultimate Bundle: this bundle includes a PlayStation 4 console, 2 wireless controllers, PlayStation Camera and the new Killzone game in blu-ray form.

This bundle costs $745. Public appearance Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 both made their first public play through at the Comic Con 2013 event. The crowd was allowed to play a variety of games on both consoles.

The event had a lot of hype created for it, and was one of the most awaited events of the Comic Con. Price Price is a very important factor for decision making when it comes to buying consoles. Everyone wants value for their money, especially when they are going to make a larger purchase.

Price might be the deciding factor for many people. At the time of the launch Microsoft released their Xbox One for $499 which included a Kinect as well, whereas Sony released their PlayStation 4 for $399 which did not include the PlayStation Move which is the competition of Microsoft s Kinect for the Xbox. This difference in price was only because of Microsoft s bundling the Kinect with the Xbox One.

Both the consoles were sold without any bundled games. The games had to be bought separately. The current price (at the time of this writing) for Microsoft s Xbox One is $469 while Sony s PlayStation 4 is still $399.

The PlayStation Camera costs $60 which makes the PS 4 slightly more expensive than the Xbox One. The prices stated are for the standard editions of both consoles. The standard edition consoles are both black in color and doesn t include any free games, but what they do include is a free limited time online pass.

The standard edition of the PS 4 includes: PlayStation 4 gaming console 1 Dual-Shock 4 wireless controller 1 Power cable 1 HDMI cable 1 USB charging cable 1 Wired mono headset Booklets and manuals The standard edition of the Xbox One includes: Xbox One gaming console 1 Kinect sensor 1 Wireless controller 1 HDMI cable 1 Wired headset 1 Power supply Booklets and manuals Conclusion Getting the perfect console can be difficult since new software and hardware upgrades usually come up and change the entire scene, but we hope that the rundown we made might have provided you a clearer answer as to what you should choose as your next generation console. There is no wrong choice here since as mentioned earlier, both the consoles are great. If you want a console that is solely focused on running games then definitely go for the PlayStation 4.

It is the stronger of the 2 when it comes to graphic prowess. It is sleeker and more edgy in design as compared to the Xbox One. If you are a hard core gamer and care about nothing else then this console is the right one for you.

PlayStation 4 is the only console that can actually run games at 1080p making you utilize every bit of your HD TV. The PlayStation 4 was made entirely for gaming, making it a pure breed. Sony is also working on it cloud based services alongside its PlayStation Network to give users a complete gaming experience.

The PlayStation is $100 cheaper because of the PlayStation Camera not being added and to be honest, is completely unnecessary if you are a serious gamer. PlayStation 4 provides the right amount of eye candy along with performance. The touchpad on the controller is something to look forward to when developers start incorporating the feature into games.

Sony s PlayStation 4 has a better and sharper user interface than Microsoft s Xbox One. It is not only easy on the eye but is also easier to navigate. The PS 4 looks like something that will stay in the future for a long time with even more great games coming its way.

The PS 4 does not require a subscription to view apps, unlike the Xbox One console. If you ve made a list of pros and cons on a notepad while reading through this, now is the time to evaluate your list. Does one out weigh the other?

Rank your priority qualities and see which one tips the scale. Hopefully, you will have found this guide useful to deciding which console is the best fit for YOU. XBOX One Vs.

PlayStation 4: Which One To Go With?

by Victoria Adams

XBOX One Vs.

PlayStation 4: Which One To Go With?

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