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Is Office for the iPad worth the price?

Murray-HillSASKATOON, SK, Apr 18, 2014/ Troy Media/ OK, so maybe the headline s a bit off the mark because, as everyone knows, Office for iPad is FREE from the iTunes App Store.

But is it really?

Not exactly. You have to have a subscription to Office 3651 in order to do anything other than open and read documents in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. An Office 365 Premium subscription in Canada runs for $99.99 and is available through Microsoft s website.

And in the spirit of full disclosure, Office for iPad is a misnomer it s not one app, but separate apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, each of which must be downloaded.

So, I m making this sound like a bad things right?

I think what we re seeing here is the shot across the bow from Microsoft allowing us to look into the future of Office products.

After all, if Adobe can make a subscription model for their software work, so can Microsoft.

So, once you ve got an active Office 365 account, it s a pretty simple process to activate Office for iPad.2

I have a subscription to Office 365, and I use it quite a bit because I write in many different places on many different devices so I need to be able to access both my data and the software I use to prepare my blogs. I ve been using Word forever, and although I m a stupie in terms of PowerPoint and Excel use, I can function in both programs with some level of competence.

In my view, one of the weaknesses in iPad software has been the lack of Office apps. I ve used Apple s products quite a bit, but I always come back to Word.

Plus, Word is pretty well ubiquitous everywhere you look.

To be able to use this program on my iPad is, frankly, a thrill. I love it. Microsoft has now made me able to write what I want, where I want and on whatever platform I want.

I think that the Office suites over the years have proven so successful because they flat-out work perfectly with each other and this newest incarnation is no different.

The only problem I see is that you can t actually print a document from the apps, but I don t view that as a big deal because I can create and save documents on my OneDrive cloud and print them from another device later without having to reformat or make any changes at all. Microsoft has already gone on record as saying that printing will be one of the first fixes out of the gate and don t forget, we couldn t print from an iPad for around a year when they first came out and millions of folks still bought them anyway. I don t really think that printing from the app is, for the most part, all that necessary anyway.

Being able to open a document and work with it and save the changes is what s really important to me.

I m not going to talk about all the cool stuff in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. While they aren t as fully capable as their computer versions, pretty-well everything the average user would ever need is there.

The first step is the most important, with Microsoft making changes in responce to consumers wants.

But now I can finally be productive on my iPad I was before, but now I m using software I m very familiar with and can access it from anywhere.

That anywhere part is also important to the Office iPad Aps. Microsoft s OneDrive3 (formerly SkyDrive) is like iCloud in that it s a personal space in the cloud that those buying a subscription to Office 365 get. This allows users to access their data and files from anywhere even on an iPad.

If you re an iPad owner and like to work with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in particular, you should take a good look at these Apps and the subscription to Office 365.

If you own an iPad and already use Office 365 then this is your lucky time of the year. Congratulations, you just became more productive on the same device you can stick in your briefcase and pull out to watch movies, listen to music, surf, get E-mail and text messages.

PROS: Apps work seamlessly with computer-installed versions; using OneDrive to access files is very convenient; most functionality is there; Word is Word now just about everywhere.

CONS: Not fully-functioned compared to versions on computers; can t print; must have an Office 365 subscription to be able to work with files.

TO SUM IT UP: It s about time Microsoft. I ve used Office for so many years it s second nature to me so to now have the capability to use it on my iPad is a treat.

My hitherto fore device that I mostly used for entertainment has all of a sudden become productive. I m a happy guy.

You can check out Microsoft training videos for Word for iPad here4., training for PowerPoint here5; and training for Excel here6.

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How'd They Shoot That?

Here Are the Cameras Used by the 2014 …

In anticipation for the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, we reached out to the directors who will be showing their films at the event this month. While we asked for some personal anecdotes from their shooting experiences, we also wanted to know what camera or cameras these directors used to make their films. You’ll find their responses below, along with information about lenses used whenever specified.

It’s clear that the ARRI Alexa dominates the list with RED Epic and Canon C300 also proving to be popular. Quite a few of the filmmakers used GoPro to capture at least some of the shots.1 The films are listed below in alphabetical order:

“1971,” directed by Johanna Hamilton Panasonic HDX 900, ARRI Alexa “5 to 7,” directed by Victor Levin ARRI Alexa “A Brony Tale,” directed by Brent Hodge Canon 7D, using old Olympus Lenses, Sony FS700

“About Alex,” directed by Jesse Zwick ARRI Alexa

“Alex of Venice,” directed by Chris Messina ARRI Alexa

“All About Ann: Governor Richards of the Lone Star State,” directed by Keith Patterson and Phillip Schopper RED Epic“An Honest Liar,” directed by Tyler Measom Panasonic AG, Canon C300, Canon 5D, Panasonic HPX, RED Epic.

“Art and Craft,” directed by Sam Cullman and Jennifer Grausman

HPX 170“Ballet 422,” directed by Jody Lipes Canon C300Below Dreams,” directed by Garrett Bradley Two 7D rigsBeyond The Brick: A Lego Brickumentary,” directed by Kief Davidson and Daniel Junge Canon C300, Canon 5DBj rk: Biophilia Live,” directed by Peter Strickland and Nick Fenton RED Epic, ARRI Alexa“Champs,” directed by Bert Marcus RED Epic, ARRI AlexaCompared to What?

The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank,” directed by Sheila Canavan Sony EX3“Dior and I,” directed by Frederic Tcheng Canon C300“Electric Slide,” directed by Tristan Patterson ARRI Alexa “Famous Nathan,” directed by Lloyd Handwerker All of them

“Fishtail,” directed by Andrew Renzi

Arri-Flex 416 Super 16mm Camera, Kodak 200T 16mm “Five Star,” directed by Keith Miller Sony F3“Gabriel,” directed by Lou Howe ARRI Alexa

Read More: Meet the Tribeca Filmmakers2

“Garnet’s Gold,” directed by Ed Perkins Canon 5D Mark II“Gueros,” directed by Alonso Ruizpalacios ARRI Alexa M with Cooke 5/i optics “Goodbye To All That,” directed by Angus MacLachlan ARRI Alexa
“In Order of Disappearance,” directed by Hans Peter Moland ARRI Alexa“In Your Eyes,” directed by Brin Hill ARRI Alexa“I Won’t Come Back,” directed by Ilmar Raag and Natalia Drozd ARRI Alexa

“Indigenous,” directed by Alastair Orr GoPro Cameras, Panasonic Broadcast cameras, Phones and iPads; ARRI Alexa, Epic“Intramural,” directed by Andrew Disney RED Epic, ARRI Alexa“Just Before I Go,” directed by Courtney Cox ARRI

Alexa“Keep on Keepin’ On,” directed by Alan Hicks Canon 5D and 7D, Zoom H4n for audio“Life Partners,” directed by Susanna Fogel RED Epic“Loitering with Intent,” directed by Adam Rapp ARRI Alexa“Mala Mala,” directed by Antonio Santini and Dan Sickles Sony FS100“Maravilla,” directed by Juan Pablo Cadaveira Canon 5D, 7D, 60D; the Red Camera, HD on cell phone“Misconception,” directed by Jessica Yu Nine different cameras“Miss Meadows,” directed by Karen Hopkins ARRI Alexa“Ne Me Quitte Pas,” directed Sabine Lubbe Bakker and Niels van Koevorden Sony F3, photo primes Zeiss ZF“Point and Shoot,” directed by Marshall Curry Panasonic HPX-250, mini DV cameras, Go-pros, compact HD cameras“Preservation,” directed Christopher Denham RED Epic “Sister,” directed by David Lascher ARRI Alexa EV“Summer of Blood,” directed by Onur Tukel Canon 5D“The Canal,” directed by Ivan Kavanagh Universal hand-cranked 35mm camera, RED Epic“The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir,” directed by Mike Fleiss SONY HDR 5

“The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin,” directed by Nicholas Mross

Sony FS-700, Canon 5D Mark III“The Search for General Tso,” directed by Ian Cheney Sony EX-1, Canon 5D Mark II, Sony FS 700“This Time Next Year,” directed by Jeff Reichert and Farihah Zaman 5D Mk III, GoPro “Time Is Illmatic,” directed by One 9 Canon GL1, Canon 5 & 7D, Canon C300, Sony F55, Super 8 camera“Tomorrow We Disappear,” directed by Jimmy Goldblum and Adam Weber Canons 1D and 5D, Phantom Flex “True Son,” directed by Kevin Gordon Panasonic AC160“Virunga,” directed by Orlando von Einsiedel Canon 5Ds, 7Ds and C300s, Sony F5, ARRI Alexa, Panasonic AK HC150, other small cameras

“X/Y,” directed by Ryan Piers Williams The RED Epic 4K HD“Young Bodies Heal Quickly,” directed by Andrew Betzer Arriflex SR 2 and SR 3“Zero Motivation,” directed by Talya Lavie ARRI Alexa“Zombeavers,” directed by Jordan Rubin ARRI Alexa, GoPro, point-and-shoot Leica


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Texas Instruments Inc (NASDAQ:TXN) Texas Instruments to Use …

By Analyst Technology, on April 17th, 2014 in Technology1

Texas Instruments Inc (NASDAQ:TXN) at Wall St. Cheat Sheet Texas Instruments has announced that it s adding iBeacon support to its Bluetooth LE chips and development kits.
Read more on this.2

Texas Instruments Inc. (TXN), valued at $49.69B, opened at $45.11.

Looking at today s market, TXN one day range is $45.08 to $45.90 and has traded between $33.56 and $49.77 over the past 12 months.

Priced at 21.63x this year s forecasted earnings, TXN shares are relatively expensive compared to the industry s 18.94x forward p/e ratio.

And for those looking to make a return holding the stock, the company pays shareholders $1.20 per share annually in dividends, yielding 2.70%.

Consensus earnings for the current quarter by the 30 sell-side analysts covering the stock is an estimate of $0.41 per share, which would be $0.09 better than the year-ago quarter and a $0.03 sequential decrease. The full-year EPS estimate is $2.09, which would be a $0.18 better than last year.

The quarterly earnings estimate is based on a consensus revenue forecast of the current quarter of $2.96 Billion.

If realized, that would be a 2.78% increase over the year-ago quarter.

More recently, FBR Capital upgraded TXN from Underperform to Mkt Perform (Oct 22, 2013). Previously, Stifel downgraded TXN from Buy to Hold.

When considering if the stock is under or overvalued, the average price target is $44.30, which is 1.80% below where the stock opened this morning.

Summary (NASDAQ:TXN) : Texas Instruments Incorporated designs, manufactures, and sells semiconductors to electronics designers and manufacturers worldwide. The company operates in three segments: Analog, Embedded Processing, and Other.

The Analog segment offers high volume analog and logic products for automotive safety devices, touch screen controllers, low voltage motor drivers, and integrated motor controllers; and power management products to enhance the efficiency of powered devices. This segment also provides high performance analog products, including high-speed data converters, amplifiers, sensors, high reliability products, interface products, and precision analog products; and silicon valley analog products comprising power management, data converter, interface, and operational amplifier catalog analog products. The Embedded Processing segment offers processor products, such as digital signal and applications processors; microcontroller products that are systems with a processor core, memory, and peripherals to control a set of specific tasks for electronic equipment; and connectivity products that enable electronic devices to connect and transfer data.

The Other segment provides DLP products primarily used in projectors to create high-definition images; application-specific integrated circuits; and calculators. This segment also offers baseband products, and OMAP applications processors and connectivity products. The company markets and sells its products through a direct sales force and distributors.

Texas Instruments Incorporated was founded in 1930 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Tag Helper ~ Stock Code: TXN | Common Company name: Texas Instruments | Full Company name: Texas Instruments Inc (NASDAQ:TXN) .

NYSE, NASDAQ, Market Data, Earnings Estimates, Analyst Ratings and Key Statistics provided via Yahoo Finance, unless otherwise specified.

All information provided “as is” for informational purposes only, not intended for trading purposes or advice.

Jutia Group will not be liable for any errors, incompleteness or delays, or for any actions taken in reliance on the data displayed herein.

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