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Now you can buy laptops from BeForward

If you ve bought a car from BeForward before (not too sure how many HAVEN T) but you ll be pleased to know the largest car dealer selling cars to Africa is now selling laptops1. Yes, you know them for being one of the largest (if not the largest) online used car sales websites, sending hundreds of thousands of vehicles to Africa annually and have undoubtedly gained the trust of users and followers. If you look at almost every Japanese car that is in Zimbabwe right now you re bound to see a black and orange sticker written BeForward.

Well, they ve decided to take it up a notch. BeForward have realised that the need is greater than just used cars (I haven t seen a motorbike or quad-bike listed on their website, guess the Japanese are a bit cautious) and are now selling used laptops!!! The well known car dealer has seen an opportunity to build on the relationships of their following by adding these digital products into the fray (hand clap).

How to buy laptops from BeForward

BeForward Computers Home Page

How to buy laptops from BeForward

The logistics2 are a lot similar to how they sell their cars.

You search for the product that you want, select it and add it to your cart, then you check out when you re done choosing. A proforma invoice is then emailed to you that requires you to make your way to the bank (no VISA, MasterCard or even PayPal payments just yet, even though we can now pay using PayPal in Zimbabwe we ll have to wait for other services to start using our account) and do a telegraphic transfer. Once payment has been made within 48 hours from the proforma being sent, they pack your product with insulation and shock resistance and hand in your goods to DHL .3

No mention is made as to how long it will take to get to Zimbabwe but they do state that they ll give you the DHL tracking number once it s left their hands so that you can keep track of your order. Fair enough.

Should you buy laptops from BeForward?

Though this is early days yet, my main reason why you should hold on to your cash and not buy laptops from BeForward just yet is pricing. With laptops priced at between $200 and $400 at the former Ximex Mall-area (a shopping complex in Harare where cellphone traders buy and sell their wares) for second hand ones (I will not answer the moral blameworthiness of buying from such places) and $400 $750 for a well spec d laptop in Harare, getting a laptop from BeForward is very expensive.

Though on face value, it looks cheap, a low spec d brand new laptop4 goes for as little as $350, but this is before the $30-$40 that banks charge you to do a Telegraphic Transfer (please someone briing BitCoin to Zimbabwe!), then they have a flat fee of $150 for shipping (they don t really state what weight this is for, as it surely will be cheaper to buy them in quantity.


It is a great initiative to see BeForward (renowned for used car sales) stepping into the laptop arena. This didn t seem an obvious to me, sure, car parts or car accessories is the way to go, no? This is an interesting pivot, though for now I wouldn t recommend anyone to take up this offer, especially since these devices are readily available in Zimbabwe.

Would you buy a laptop from BeForward?

How price sensitive are you?

Any particular way that they should adjust to make this offer more lucrative?


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Canon Most Widely Used Camera System at the Latest World Cup …

Canon Follows Up on Their Strong Showing at February s Big Game in New Jersey With Widespread Use by Imaging Professionals at the Soccer Tournament in Brazil

MELVILLE, N.Y., July 24, 2014 Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is proud to announce that Canon broadcast lenses were the most widely used broadcast lenses covering the matches of the recent Soccer Tournament in Brazil. Furthermore, the professional photographers tasked with capturing the riveting goals, ravenous fans, colorful scenery and nail-biting moments of the soccer matches utilized Canon DSLR cameras and lenses more than any other brand.

This outstanding show of support for Canon equipment in Brazil follows Canon broadcast lenses being used extensively to broadcast The Big Game in New Jersey on February 2, 2014, as well as being the number one camera and lens choice for imaging professionals shooting from the sidelines of the game between Denver and Seattle. In support of professionals on the ground, the Canon Professional Services (CPS) team was on location at each of these sporting events, among countless others, to provide support to photographers, broadcasters and all imaging professionals.

Canon is honored to help broadcast companies and news services bring the action of these high-profile sporting events to devoted fans across the world.

It is a testament to our products and professional service and support that so many image makers at the pinnacle of their profession rely on Canon, said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Throughout the soccer matches in Brazil, Canon broadcast field lenses were utilized to deliver footage of the thrilling tournament. Canon broadcast field lenses represented approximately 90 percent share of all broadcast lenses used. Additionally, Canon broadcast lenses were used extensively to deliver The Big Game to more than 111 million television viewers.

A look to the sidelines in Brazil revealed a familiar sight to many sporting event fans Canon EOS Digital SLR cameras, equipped with iconic white Canon telephoto EF lenses.

Throughout the tournament, approximately 70 percent of imaging professionals chose Canon DSLRs and lenses to capture and share the memorable moments of these passionate and prideful soccer matches.

Much like The Big Game, in which 75 percent of imaging professionals on the sideline of that gridiron matchup chose Canon equipment.

At each of the 12 stadiums that hosted Soccer matches in Brazil, CPS had teams of technical and professional representatives providing imaging professionals with convenient access to product support, equipment maintenance, and product loans.

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Google Inc. (GOOG) Android L To Control Fragmentation Problem !

Right from its early days, Android has been constantly battered and bruised around due to its software and hardware fragmentation problems. As per latest numbers, even after 9 months of its release, there are only 8.5% of smartphones running on Android KitKat1. Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG2) knows that it needs to contain this problem, but without sacrificing Android s free and open source tag so it definitely can t follow Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL3) to create a walled garden . So what s the best way for Google to meet its goal?

With the announcement of Android L, it looks like Google is slowly shaping its smartphone platform in such a way that it helps in reducing fragmentation.

For all intents and purposes, I think that these are the most important and exciting features about Android L preview which was announced and showcased during the recent Google I/O event.

As this was only a preview version of next major Android update, I think that a lot of new features might have not been announced yet. Despite of all above additions and changes market analysts are still claiming that Google has left out a few promising features in Android L4. Certainly, it s a debatable topic, if Google has other plans with tackle such challenges, but with an absolute no announcement about such issues, it could be a bit difficult for Google to position Android L above than iOS 8.

Android L expands from smartphones and tablets to a new dearth of device types such as smartwatches, wearables, TVs and cars.

Google has banned UI customisation in Android Auto, Android Wear and Android TV operating systems. Google has also made it necessary for OEMs to include the Powered By Android logo in the boot screen animation of every Android device which comes pre-installed with Google Mobile Services.

MIUI v5 Looks Like iOS

Currently, brands like, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN5), Xiaomi, Oppo, Meizu and Gionee fork Android to make custom operating systems according to their liking. But with each passing day and each newer version of Android, Google is moving a lot of rich APIs from AOSP to Google Mobile Services (GMS) making it harder and harder of anyone to develop parallel devices with forked versions of Android.

May be this is why Hugo Barra, during the launch event of Xiaomi Mi 36 in India, stated that they will try to follow Google s Material UI Design guidelines in their future smartphone software which will be built on top of Android L.

According to the latest report from Re/Code, Google has conducted a series of intense, closed-room discussion with Samsung on the matter of how it should use Google s Android going forward. Samsung reportedly agreed to either drop or change its custom UI with minimal custom apps. Google was also able to make Samsung agree on limiting the promotion of its own app, movie and music stores.

Android One

Many Indian and Chinese smartphone brands are known for notoriously releasing numerous low-quality Android smartphones and depriving them from latest Android updates.

To counter this problem, Android One7 program was announced during Google I/O 2014, wherein these brands will work with Google to release low-cost yet quality smartphones with latest software.

Google will continue to provide latest software updates to these devices, thereby reducing software fragmentation.

If OEMs want to provide additional apps, services or UI customisations, they will have to provide it via Play Store, thus allowing end users to uninstall or disable them. Popularity of Nexus, Android One and the still unannounced Android Silver series of devices8 might help Google in having a stronghold over OEMs, thus decreasing the fragmentation problem in Android.


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